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Design & build cloud applications to organize and grow your business

Automate tedious workflows, Capture & convert more leads, Shorten lead times, Segment markets, Know marketing campaign ROI, Reduce expenses, Improve customer experience

Specializing in the Force.com platform


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & much more + Integrations with other essential business systems

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Marketing Cloud

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Augment is responsive, gets to the heart of the problem and solves it quickly. What used to take months now takes days or weeks.

Darcy Matz, Vice President, Chief Field Development and Marketing Officer
Questar Capital & Asset Management

Augment heard our story and understood our vision — then asked us the tough questions we never thought of asking, leaving us with a far better tool than anticipated.

Thor Josefson, Marketing Manager
Stinson Services

You get a lot for your money with Augment. We worked together to design a Salesforce CRM to fit my team and then seamlessly migrate our old data. They made everything easy to understand and listened to my input. I know I can call or email anytime, and I’ll get a fast, thoughtful response. Best of all, I use my Salesforce CRM every day to organize my growing business.

Jeff Budish, VP Capital Markets & Investment Services
Colliers Minneapolis – St. Paul

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Build tech-augmented software teams that can economically develop new technologies that increase and expand human capability.

We’re following in the footsteps of Douglas Engelbart and his 1962 conceptual framework for the augmentation of human intellect with the computer:  By ‘augmenting human intellect’ we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex problem situation, to gain comprehension to suit his particular needs, and to derive solutions to problems.”

From the CEO

New information technology deployment is always risky — but usually it’s riskier to NOT act.  Technology enables businesses to evolve. It breaks through revenue ceilings, it relieves staff overburdened with administrivia and firefighting, It makes magical customer experiences possible.  Businesses cannot hope to compete without modern technology.

Economical design, development, and deployment of technology systems that work is a critical need for a healthy business market. We NEED to be able to realize the promise of technology for business. 

That’s our commitment: we will make the new technology deployment work for your business.  Or die trying.

Eric Nelson

Founder, CEO & Lead Data Applications Architect

From the Vice-President of Development

Augment is a place where we can bring together individual ability and initiative to realize Engelbart’s vision for augmenting teamwork. We use team-centric process to enable developers to apply better ways of learning and understanding. Projects developed by Augment’s jigsawed learning teams quickly yield confidence in new skills and also generate tools which improve the training process.

The key to the Augment training approach is the opportunity to put new skills to work quickly and systematically improve them under guidance.  This process shapes individual disciplined practice within emergent communities of expertise which are continually assessed and improved. 

Gary Jedynak

VP, Development